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The Essential Works of Sholem Aleichem

April 12, 2023

Sholem Aleichem, often referred to as the "Jewish Mark Twain," is one of the most beloved and influential writers in Yiddish literature. His humorous and poignant stories provide a vivid snapshot of Jewish life in Eastern Europe, capturing both the joys and sorrows of his characters with wit and warmth. Here we offer ten of Sholem Aleichem's most notable works, discussing what makes them stand out and why you should read them.

Tevye the Dairyman

Yiddish title: טביה דער מילכיקער (Tevye Der Milkhiker)

Why it stands out: Perhaps Sholem Aleichem's most famous work, "Tevye the Dairyman" inspired the beloved musical "Fiddler on the Roof." The story follows the life of Tevye, a humble milkman, as he navigates the challenges of raising his five daughters in a rapidly changing world. The endearing characters, humor, and emotional depth of this work make it a classic of Yiddish literature.

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Motl, the Cantor's Son

Yiddish title: מאָטל פּייסי דעם חזנס (Motl Peysi Dem Khazens)

Why it stands out: This unfinished novel is Sholem Aleichem's last work and is often considered one of his masterpieces. The story follows Motl, a spirited and mischievous boy, as he and his family leave their shtetl for a new life in America. "Motl, the Cantor's Son" is notable for its candid portrayal of the immigrant experience and its blend of humor and poignancy.

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The Letters of Menachem-Mendl and Sheyne-Sheyndl

Yiddish title: מנחם־מענדל (Menakhem-Mendl)

Why It Stands Out: This epistolary novel follows the comedic misadventures of Menahem-Mendl, a hapless dreamer who leaves his wife and children in search of wealth and success. Through a series of letters, Menachem-Mendl shares his exploits with his wife, Sheyne-Sheyndl, who responds with her own practical wisdom and insights. The novel is a delightful satire of human folly and, in its own way, a testament to the enduring power of family relationships.

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Stempenyu: A Jewish Romance

Yiddish title: סטעמפּעניו, א ייִדישער ראָמאַן (Stempenyu, A Yidisher Roman)

Why It Stands Out: In "Stempenyu," Sholem Aleichem weaves a captivating tale of love, music, and the complexities of human relationships. The story revolves around Stempenyu, a talented and charismatic klezmer musician, and his tumultuous love affair with the beautiful Rokhl. The novel showcases Sholem Aleichem's skill in creating vivid characters and exploring the emotional depths of the human experience.

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The Railroad Stories

Yiddish title: אײַזנבאַן געשיכטעס (Ayznban Geshikhtes)

Why It Stands Out: This collection of interconnected short stories takes place in the small railway town of Kasrilevke, offering a satirical look at the colorful characters and absurd situations that arise in this quirky community. The stories are notable for their humor, social commentary, and Sholem Aleichem's keen observations of human nature.

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Inside Kasrilevke

Yiddish title: אַלט־ניי־כתרילעווקע (Alt-ney-Kasrilevke

Why It Stands Out: A companion to "The Railroad Stories," "Inside Kasrilevke" delves deeper into the lives of the town's inhabitants, exploring themes of love, marriage, and family dynamics. The stories are filled with Sholem Aleichem's trademark wit and warmth, offering a rich and vibrant portrait of Jewish life in Eastern Europe.

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The Bewitched Tailor

Yiddish title: דער פֿאַרכּישופֿטער שניידער (Der Farkishufter Shneyder)

Why It Stands Out: In this whimsical and enchanting tale, Sholem Aleichem tells the story of a humble tailor who becomes convinced that he is the victim of a curse. As he seeks to break the spell, he encounters a colorful cast of characters and embarks on a journey of self-discovery. "The Bewitched Tailor" showcases Sholem Aleichem's mastery of storytelling and his ability to weave magic and humor and social commentary, while exploring of the themes of justice, love, and redemption.

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Yiddish title: מאַריענבאַד (Marienbad)

Why It Stands Out: This satirical novella follows a group of Eastern European Jews vacationing at the fashionable spa town of Marienbad. The story explores themes of class, wealth, and social ambition, offering a biting critique of the pretensions and hypocrisy of the characters. "Marienbad" demonstrates Sholem Aleichem's keen eye for social commentary and his skill in crafting compelling and thought-provoking narratives.

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The Bloody Hoax

Yiddish title: דער בלוטיקער שפּאַס (Der Blutiker Shpas)

Why It Stands Out: Set against the backdrop of a blood libel accusation, "The Bloody Hoax" tells the story of a Jewish man and a Christian man who swap identities for a day, leading to a series of humorous and unexpected consequences. The novel is notable for its exploration of antisemitism and themes such as identity, prejudice, and the complexities of interfaith relationships, making it a timely and thought-provoking work.

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The Great Fair

Yiddish title: פֿונעם יאַריד (Funem Yarid)

Why It Stands Out: This novel tells the story of a Jewish merchant who travels to a large fair in order to sell his wares, and the adventures and challenges he encounters along the way. The novel is notable for its vivid characterizations, its rich descriptions of Jewish life and culture, and its exploration of the themes of identity, community, and belonging.

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These works provide an excellent introduction to the rich and diverse body of Sholem Aleichem's writing. Each of these stories showcases his remarkable talent for storytelling, his keen observations of human nature, and his deep understanding of the joys and sorrows of Jewish life in Eastern Europe. For both newcomers to Yiddish literature or seasoned readers, these works are sure to entertain, inspire, and provoke thought, making them essential additions to any reading list.